Wednesday, 1 August 2012

That hair! OR Is it no hair at all?

Check out this girl spotted in NYC. I saw this pic on The Satorialist earlier today and the first thing I noticed was her beauty and HER HAIR! Or is it really that she has barely any hair at all (which I find quite liberating and fresh)? I realize that I haven't said anything on the blog about my hair but it's been quite the journey. I went from having hair exactly like this as a child in Nigeria to having braids when I came to Canada, straightened hair in high school and university then braids for a short while AND THEN I did what I wanted to do for a long time AND cut it all off!!! Well, not all of it I guess. I now have a short afro which I completely love. My hair now takes like 5 mins to do and I feel like myself again, not trying to be like everyone else with long straight hair. For some reason (well I know exactly why) I thought that was beauty. That I had to fit in. Well, I'm about to turn 28 and am finally growing into my own lol! I'm about 6 feet tall so there really isn't any fitting in for me, is there? I love my new style and hair and know that one day I will go even shorter. Some wonderful women in my life have even suggested that I do this!!! I love the simplicity of this girl's look and think that her short hair really lets her beauty shine through. SO inspiring!

Okay that's all for now about hair ... will definitely be coming back to this topic!


Freya Lily said...

I have crazy hair dreams. I've always had long hair, it's like my thing, but once I cut all my hair off to my jaw and died it black. I loved it! I wish hair grew faster because I'd do so much wisth it then!

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

I would totally do this if I had better hair! It's so elegant and natural. I love it! You'd be able to pull it off too!

Bola said...

I think it would be fun to be able to pull both off. To cut off all your hair then grow it out long and then repeat the process. I would love that! Glad you guys like her short hair. It's awesome!