Monday, 20 August 2012


The bf and I have been on a mission to enjoy every weekend there is left of this summer. We both love nature and have been spending a lot of time outdoors. Two weekends ago we headed up to the wonderful Millcroft Inn and Spa, located in Alton, Ontario. We spent the weekend eating delicious food, hiking, binging on what was left of the Olympics (we don't have a tv or cable) and of course relaxing and strolling around the wonderful estate.  Here I am stopping to do a really crappy Usain Bolt impression during a hike lol! What can I say? I love the track and field events and the relays are always the best!!
I also discovered some awesome salt and vinegar chips that are just right - not too much salt or vinegar that they don't make your lips hurt. If you know me you know that I love salt and vinegar chips. I may or may not have eaten three (SMALL) bags within the last ten days. I KNOW! I need to stop and am working on that  ....  I also had high tea at the Inn. It was so relaxing and yummy. 

This past weekend I spotted this crazy, awesome, hilarious running shoe in a window on Queen Street. I would love to see someone wear them with the teddy bear face bobbing up and down as they walk lol! I also went camping with the bf and two of our friends. This was a short camping trip but is was really relaxing and fun. I just love being outdoor with trees all around me. Looking up and seeing a sky full of stars makes it sooo worth the drive. 

I wish today was still the weekend so I threw in this pic taken on an evening stroll at Sugar Beach. 

Happy Monday!! 



Isabel said...
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Isabel said...

looks like lots of fun!