Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Summer Travels - Sarajevo

So it's that time of year again when the bfs parents hop on a plane and head to the wonderful world of Croatia ... sigh. I am soooo jealous and wish I was able to go this year! There is so much of Europe to explore and I only just got started ... I had dreams of going to Italy then taking the ferry to Split this summer but just started my job and it's a little early to be taking my three weeks vaca. So ... I'll just have to reminisce about the time I spent at the beach house last summer. I guess I already did that didn't I? If you missed that post click here.
A view of the city from one of the surrounding mountains.  
The Famous Latin Bridge  

Another wonderful place close to Croatia is Sarajevo which I also visited last summer. I had the privilege of staying at the bf's parent's condo in the heart of the city. I love this city which is nestled in the valley of the surrounding mountains.  It has so much history which is unfortunately tainted by the Bosnian War. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip which encompassed trying out local foods, visiting some mosques, churches and museums and spending time with the bf's family.

One of my favourite things about the city is the Turkish influence. You can get hookah (shisha) on every corner and sit down and drink turkish coffee.

I also love that people in Sarajevo spend time outside, walking around, gathering around the numerous courtyards and fountains and enjoying drinks on the wide patios that take up whole streets. I guess these are characteristics of most European cities (the bf has been telling me this for years). I didn't know because I had never been to Europe but definitely wish we had more of an "outdoor culture" here in Canada.

lots of patios in this city. 

The food here is also amazing ... 

Super delicious cevapi 
I also drank boza

and ate a lot of hazelnut spreads 
Word on the street is that this little window in an alley is the best bakery in town. We got some donuts and pretzels and it was delicious!

Happy Tuesday!!


Freya Lily said...

AH! I'm so jealous of your adventures!!! I've noticed something about Canadians that American's don't have/do. Canadians love to travel. And American's are too scared too. Do you think that's interesting??? The Canadians I've talked to while I've been here so far have all either traveled somewhere crazy or are planning to. American's go to Mexico, that's about it. I think it's so strange!

Bola said...

Haha Freya, I didn't know that about Americans!! I do feel that Canadians love to travel. Many people I know are eager to explore the world. I never thought that I'd ever go to Sarajevo but I did. U never know where you may end up!