Friday, 31 May 2013

Wedding Planning: Bridesmaid dress shopping

Hana all excited to shop 
sea of dresses 
Shan in our dress!!! 

In this lovely purple colour! I love purple and one shoulder dresses!!! PERFECT!

Yah! We're done!
Several weeks ago my bridesmaids and I went shopping for their dresses. Our first AND ONLY stop was Windsor Bridal. They have a large selection of dresses and my ladies tried on a few styles. I had never imagined that my bridesmaids would wear the exact same dress but they are and I love it! I like the look of the same dress in different styles but I love having just two bridesmaids by my side in the exact same dress. Both ladies look absolutely stunning in the dress and if you know me you know my fave is one shoulder so perfecto!

The shopping experience was fairly stress-free and a lot of fun! We were out of there by around 1pm and had the rest of the afternoon to lunch and hang out. I feel so blessed and excited to share my wedding experience with these two lovely ladies. I didn't even think I'd have bridesmaids ... for a long time the fiance and I decided we would do without a bridal party to keep things simple. I'm so glad that we have decided to involve a few of our friends to share this wonderful experience :)


Thursday, 30 May 2013


I'm so glad it's Friday!! I have worked super hard all week and I have today off. Check out the lovely peonies I enjoyed while working at my desk this past week. So delicate and fluffy. Flowers make me so happy :) 

My wedding dress has come in so one of my bridesmaids and I are going in to inspect it tomorrow afternoon. I'll also be trying on some veils and jewellery. Super excited and can't wait to fill you in on our bridesmaid dress shopping experience and our tasting last weekend. 

Happy Friday!

Monday, 20 May 2013

We finally have a wall gallery!!!

I love wall galleries. I love the interest they add to a space and I always like to take my time to look at all of the pictures. I personally like wall galleries with a mix of frames and art (pictures, paintings, postcards, anything that has meaning and is worth displaying). I have been meaning to put up a wall gallery in our place for well over a year now. Here are a couple of pics that I used for inspiration:

Maybe I'm just slow but it took a while for me to collect frames. I got many of  the frames I used from my mom when she moved and cleared a lot of her stuff. I also took my time to collect art. I ordered a few prints off Etsy and bought some postcards when travelling. I have some faves from our Vancouver days (the fiance lived there for about two years), engagement pics and also from travels to Europe in 2011 so I framed those. Once I had enough frames to start I laid them out on the floor and arranged and rearranged them. 

Next was putting them up on the wall. 

Here's our wall gallery which I love! It's not yet complete but it'll do for now. It already seems to be a conversation piece for visitors which is why I love them so much. 

Happy long weekend :) 


Sunday, 12 May 2013

Currie Quinoa and Asparagus Salad

I made this quinoa salad for lunches last week and it was awesome! I love currie and this recipe had the right amount of it. It also has so many healthy yummy things in it like apples, cranberries, chickpeas and asparagus. I'll definitely be making this one often.

I hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day. The fiance and I spend ours with both our families (unfortunately minus my brother who is away at work). We had a brunch at our place and enjoyed each other's company. We are both lucky to have such lovely friends and family. I feel so blessed. 

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Wedding Planning: Shoes

I picked up my wedding shoes yesterday and I love them! I'm a really tall girl so I am not wearing heels on my wedding day. I also ordered extra length on my dress so no one will really see my shoes (much) anyways. I just want to be comfy. So I bought a pair or flats that I can wear on their own and I went to Celebration Shoes and had shoe clips custom made. It was a really neat experience and I love my new wedding shoes. Too bad I can't wear the flats til next summer but it'll be worth the wait. 

Now on the bridesmaid dress shopping!! We are going to three stores today in hopes of finding their dresses. Cross your fingers for us and happy Saturday :)