Monday, 27 August 2012

Weekend Food Diaries

This past weekend was one of those great food weekends. I ate some treats like funnel cake, that I enjoy maybe once a year. I also checked out the new Park Junction Hotel where I discovered some awesome appetizers and a really tasty mojito (my fave drink). I also did some cooking at home with the bf and snacked on my favourite coronation grapes :) 

Hope you all had a good weekend :) 


Priscilla said...

Such gorgeous inspiration pictures!
I'm Your New Follower,Hoping That you Will FOLLOW me too.
I'll wait you on my blog dear.Have a Nice Day!

Blow A Rainbow

Bola said...

I am glad you enjoy the pics Priscilla. Thanks for following ;)

Freya Lily said...

I think we should become foodie friends. I'm still looking for a job, thus still on a budget, but I do swear once I'm not I want you to help me explore all the good brunch spots :) And everywhere else you know!

Bola said...

haha Freya! Thanks so much for that lovely comment. For sure, send me a message here on the blog and we'll come up with a list of brunch places. I haven't been going out as much for brunch because spent last few weekends out of town and now just want to eat brunch at home when I can BUT I do know a lot of yummy places you can try. Most of the good places are in Leslieville (Queen East)