Sunday, 17 March 2013

Sunday Antique Market Finds

Today's a lovely sunny but cold day in Toronto. I got up super late but made it to the antique market in time. I got lucky because I found a couple of things I've been looking for. I found a lovely silver antique cake/pie plate that will be lovely for our wedding. I also scored this antique camera that's dated 1902. I love photography and have been meaning to purchase one of these for a while now. It will also work with the vintage decor for our wedding. Right now it's sitting on my shelf and I love it!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday. Mine is all now chores but maybe I'll have time for a DIY project that I can tell you about later.


Saturday, 2 March 2013

Wedding Planning: Name Change!?

Yesterday I eagerly went to the post office to pick up this personalized wedding dress hanger that I ordered from the Etsy shop MyAmberColouredWorld. I love getting stuff in the mail. It's so fun to get something nice in the mail not just advertising and bills! I have always loved Etsy and over the years have ordered a few things from it. It's really great for those special wedding details, which I'm all about.

So about the hanger ... I have not yet decided on a name change. I like these hangers and have seen them on many blogs, namely Style Me Pretty. I think it's a sweet personal touch to the getting ready photos so I went ahead and ordered it. Whether or not I change my name, it'll be fun to be Mrs. _____ for a day! The fiance thinks the hanger is super cute but does not care whether or not I take this name. I am not sure what I want to do. I initially was not going to change my name since my name has some cultural significance to me and it's simply MY name. I'm not sure if that matters so much anymore since my first name, well middle name (Bola) is also VERY Nigerian. My first name is actually Marilyn which some of my friends still don't know. I also think that it would be nice to take his name namely because it would be nice to have the same surname as my children one day. I also REALLY love his last name! On the other hand, it's a huge pain to change your name, getting all your legal documents changed but I'm sure if it ever means that much to me I'll go ahead and do it. A compromise that I am considering is hyphenating my name but then it would be super long!! Then there's the other question about whether to change my name professionally. Many of my colleagues that have recently married have changed their surnames but not professionally. I already get tired of writing out my name and then my credentials when making referrals and signing legal documents at work (like consent forms). I can't imagine making it any longer!!

What are your thoughts? Are you or would you ever change your last name?


Friday, 1 March 2013

Sweet Tooth

Not sure if any of you have a sweet tooth like me!? I love sugar and feel like I can't live without it. I know how bad it is for me but a little bit here and there is okay. I've definitely cut back on my sugar intake and am enjoying things like dark chocolate now. Two of my fave sweets are macaroons and Cadbury Minieggs. The are also both very pretty ;)

What are your favourite sweets?