Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Wedding Planning: First Look

I absolutely love first look photos! While it may be more traditional for the groom to see the bride for the first time at the ceremony it seems like many couples are choosing to do a first look nowadays. The fiancé and I aren't the most traditional couple and while our wedding will have some traditional elements that will not be one of them. We will be seeing each other for the first time around 9am on our wedding day which works best for us for several reasons. We are both looking forward to a private moment where we will see each other for the first time. Obviously the photographer will be there so it's not completely private. However, this is much more private than being in front of a whole room of people. I know that the counter argument is that he won't be as surprised to see me when I'm walking down the aisle. I really don't think it matters whether that "surprised look" occurs in front of all of our guests or not. Also I don't think that seeing me prior to the ceremony will take away the significance of me walking down the aisle to become his wife. Another big factor for us is that we will both feel more comfortable having seen each other before the ceremony. It'll be nice to take in what we are about to do together and we will also be able to go see the venue set up, greet our parents and the wedding party as a couple prior to the ceremony. Doing a first look also works for us because we will be doing all of our bride/groom photos in the hour or so prior to the wedding. This is important time wise since our ceremony and reception are back to back. We will be doing family and wedding party photos during the cocktails so we will need this time for the two of us. 

Doing a first look was a super easy decision for both of us and I'm so excited for this moment!
Did you have a first look? What are your thoughts? 


Monday, 23 September 2013

Wedding Planning: Rain or Shine

This past Saturday it rained for the WHOLE day! It didn't let up and we had no sunshine at all. I didn't mind it too much but can you imagine if Saturday was your wedding day? Well ... I'm going to have to imagine that and mentally prepare myself since it's always a possibility. I'm getting married the first week of November and it tends to rain a lot in October and November in Toronto. When we were picking our date I may or may not have checked the average rainfall in Toronto per month and was surprised to see that it really is more or less the same every month. I think every bride needs to be prepared so I'm going to have my rain boots ready and some umbrellas for us and the wedding party. I've got lots of real nice spots to take photos at our venue that work well even if it does rain. Nothing is going to ruin my day and to top is off I met with our florist yesterday and she thinks that less sun in our venue will actually work better with the décor and flowers. So here's to a somewhat sunny/overcast but DRY wedding day. Wish me luck! Let's see what happens but either way I can't wait. The big day is now less than 6 weeks away!!


Sunday, 22 September 2013

One Pic

Loving this week's flowers: purple dahlias and yellow spray roses. Just beautiful!


Friday, 20 September 2013

Kale, Black Bean and Sweet Potato Tortilla Casserole

I love sweet potato and mexican food. I also love it when friends pass along yummy recipes. My friend Annie sent me the link to this recipe because know knew I'd love it! I has just about everything I love to eat (kale, beans, corn, sweet potato). It's easy to make which also makes it a big winner. I've made it three times now and can't wait to eat it again. The only change I've made is that I don't use enchilada sauce. I just don't like that stuff so I used salsa instead. Give it a go and let me know how it goes.
Get the recipe here.


Friday, 13 September 2013

Christian Louboutin at the Design Exchange Toronto

Hello? Anyone out there?! I know ... my bad! I haven't checked in here in over a month. Life has gotten pretty busy with the wedding creeping up and also summer coming to an end. I think we are at just over seven weeks now! I'm super excited and am no longer feeling nervous or stressed about anything. Things are coming together since all we have are some loose ends to tie like finalizing our day of schedule. I have my makeup trial, second fitting and a meeting with our photographer all next week. My bridesmaids planned an awesome fun bachelorette weekend that I'll never forget (post coming up)! So ... here I am on a Friday night with my paper cutter and other craft supplies finishing things up. I'm proud to say that I'm doing all the decor for the wedding myself (aside from the flowers). Luckily the venue is beautiful on it's own and really doesn't require much. The card stock and signs was initially a challenge but with the fiance's awesome computer skills all is done now!!

Don't worry ... I've been pretty social and haven't let the wedding take over my life! I'll be getting out for a TIFF movie tomorrow with both our moms. I'm super excited for tomorrow night since I'm hosting a girls night at my place. One of my dearest friends and old roomies will be in town for the weekend! So happy I get to catch up with her before she come back for the wedding.

Anyways ... I checked out the Christian Louboutin exhibit at the Design Exchange this week. It was awesome and really changed how I see shoes. I'm really not a heels kinda girl but I still like shoes and now see them as art too (at least some of the Louboutin ones).

Happy Weekend!