Thursday, 30 August 2012

Meet Max

Hello. Anyone there lol!?

Max is the hilarious and cuddly cat that hangs out at The Yoga Lounge. I think he likes me. He's always super friendly everytime he sees me and he sometimes sits near my yoga mat in the middle of class. What's super cute and funny is the new do that Max has been sporting for the last month or so. He looks like a lion with his hair shaved like this. Love it!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Did you check in today?

Check out what was posted on my colleague's office door today. Yup. An open invitation to "check in" with yourself. I love this! Ever since being in the addictions and social work fields I have been doing a self check in at least once per day to first see how I am feeling and second to determine what I may need to help me cope with the feeling. It's common practice to do a check in and out in every group or individual session and I believe in practicing what I preach. Try this for one moment ... practice mindfulness and live in the moment. How are you feeling RIGHT NOW? What does this signal to you for the rest of the day? What do you need? 

Happy Tuesday!


Monday, 27 August 2012

Rant: "Why are you guys not engaged yet?"

So something keeps happening to me ... OVER AND OVER AGAIN! I keep finding myself in these uncomfortable conversations where someone asks me when the bf and I are getting married, which is usually followed by "how come you guys aren't engaged yet?" Sometimes this even turns into a suggestion by the individual that I rethink his commitment to me and whether or not he even believes in marriage (a if I would not know this!?) - that I may have to leave the relationship if I ever want to get married and have children. IT KEEPS HAPPENING and I can't wrap my head around this. 

I get it that we have been together for almost six years and live together. I am 27, he is 29 so why aren't we married yet? Many of our friends are married and are getting married so why aren't we at least engaged? 

I want to be clear that I have absolutely no problem with people asking us if we see ourselves eventually getting married or if I think a proposal is in the works soon. That's cool ... there is no judgement there, just simply a display of human curiosity. I get it. Social norms would indicate that we should be married or at least engaged by this point so it's completely understandable that someone would ask about this HOWEVER what I can't understand is why some people think it's their place to make assumptions about our beliefs about marriage and when we should be married let alone judge the bf, his commitment to me and our relationship as a whole. It makes me uncomfortable and sometimes leads me to feel insecure about my relationship, in the sense that I start to think that we should be engaged at this point and that maybe something is seriously wrong with our relationship .. THEN I remember how wonderful the bf is and how nothing in his actions or words has or should ever lead me to question his commitment to me. I don't need a diamond on my finger to know that (although it seems like other people do). I also come back to reality and remember why we have decided to not get married yet (in my case getting engaged will be a mutual decision not something that just happens to be sprung up on me).

Also, why am I the only one out of the two of us that seems to get these questions? Is it because I am female? Why is no one asking him why we aren't engaged yet? Weird!? .. well not really. Also worth mentioning is that these questions always come from other women. Why is that?

I just think people should think a little bit more about this topic prior to asking such questions .. and whether or not they are being judgemental. I would also consider the financial commitment that is often associated with getting married and factor that into the equation. Perhaps the couple cannot afford to get married in the way they want to get married at this moment? Also maybe planning a wedding could be stressful for some people and they simply cannot see themselves doing this anytime soon? Maybe they have other competing priorities at the moment, such as school, career etc.?

FOR ME (and I know I can say for US) we both believe in marriage but that doesn't mean we wanted to get married at 25 or even prior to feeling settled and stable in other parts of our lives. For me, I have dedicated a lot of time and effort (7 years of university and 3 degrees to be exact) to making sure I have a career, a job that I love and am financially stable on my own. Finally, I can say I have accomplished this. There is no way I could see myself getting married let alone having children prior to accomplishing this BUT THAT'S JUST ME! Also, I think I can say for the both of us that finances and time have been an issue. We do not want to have to turn to others to financially support our wedding and frankly have not wanted to spend our money or time on planning a wedding. For me, working four full days a week and completing a masters degree while planning a wedding would not have been fun or even worth the stress it would have caused!

When I finally get married, I want to be able to afford it (be financially stable) and be able to take the time to enjoy the planning process. I want to do it my way and when I want to do it BUT THAT'S JUST ME!

What about people who have children out of wedlock or couples who choose to never get married?
Is it our place to judge their parenting abilities or quality of their relationship?

That's my rant. 

Any opinions on this issue? Did you or are you experiencing this too? We all know that I have many thoughts and opinions about this but I'd like to hear from you :) Maybe I'm just being too sensitive but all this is really starting to annoy me haha! 

Weekend Food Diaries

This past weekend was one of those great food weekends. I ate some treats like funnel cake, that I enjoy maybe once a year. I also checked out the new Park Junction Hotel where I discovered some awesome appetizers and a really tasty mojito (my fave drink). I also did some cooking at home with the bf and snacked on my favourite coronation grapes :) 

Hope you all had a good weekend :) 

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Knit much?

Check out this knitted bike seat cover I spotted on a bike in Port Credit last weekend. I posted about these wonderful bikes a few weeks ago. They are scattered in the Port Credit area and add visual interest. I love biking and think that this knitted bike seat cover is super cute. Not at all functional BUT cute!  

Happy Weekend!


Wednesday, 22 August 2012

smashbox photo finish foundation primer

I recently discovered this smashbox photo finish foundation primer. My friend Anne who btw is absolutely beautiful, is awesome at doing makeup and also has many beauty tips and secrets under her belt suggested I try it this past weekend. I bought it on Monday and have been using it since. It helped my concealer and foundation stay on longer and creates a smooth finish. A plus is that it's oil free. Smashbox makes several variations of the primer including one with SPF. I am not very knowledgeable or adventurous when it comes to beauty products and makeup and I always stick to products I like. I have discovered many great products from friends so thanks Anne! 

Monday, 20 August 2012


The bf and I have been on a mission to enjoy every weekend there is left of this summer. We both love nature and have been spending a lot of time outdoors. Two weekends ago we headed up to the wonderful Millcroft Inn and Spa, located in Alton, Ontario. We spent the weekend eating delicious food, hiking, binging on what was left of the Olympics (we don't have a tv or cable) and of course relaxing and strolling around the wonderful estate.  Here I am stopping to do a really crappy Usain Bolt impression during a hike lol! What can I say? I love the track and field events and the relays are always the best!!
I also discovered some awesome salt and vinegar chips that are just right - not too much salt or vinegar that they don't make your lips hurt. If you know me you know that I love salt and vinegar chips. I may or may not have eaten three (SMALL) bags within the last ten days. I KNOW! I need to stop and am working on that  ....  I also had high tea at the Inn. It was so relaxing and yummy. 

This past weekend I spotted this crazy, awesome, hilarious running shoe in a window on Queen Street. I would love to see someone wear them with the teddy bear face bobbing up and down as they walk lol! I also went camping with the bf and two of our friends. This was a short camping trip but is was really relaxing and fun. I just love being outdoor with trees all around me. Looking up and seeing a sky full of stars makes it sooo worth the drive. 

I wish today was still the weekend so I threw in this pic taken on an evening stroll at Sugar Beach. 

Happy Monday!! 


Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Sea of Swans

On Saturday evening I went for a walk in Port Credit and was amazed to see this number of swans in one spot. I have never seen so many swans together and it was so beautiful. I just sat on a rock and watched them for a while. What a wonderful sight!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Three Pics

Sunday brunch outfit
late night shisha

Happy Saturday!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Peach Cobbler

I had not baked for a really long time and yesterday I suddenly had the urge to turn on the oven. I had been depriving myself of desert and decided it was time to give in. So, I went on to the Martha Stewart site and the first thing that caught my eye was all about peaches. I love peaches! Last year I went peach picking and had enough peaches to last a month and it was awesome! I decided to go with a peach cobbler. I love apple cobbler but feel it's so overdone and actually kinda boring now so why not substitute the apples with fresh, sweet, summer peaches!? The end result was amazing, especially when paired with creamy french vanilla ice cream! The bf liked it so much he had to have two servings. I will definitely be making this one again :)
Click here for the recipe. 

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Summer Travels - Sarajevo

So it's that time of year again when the bfs parents hop on a plane and head to the wonderful world of Croatia ... sigh. I am soooo jealous and wish I was able to go this year! There is so much of Europe to explore and I only just got started ... I had dreams of going to Italy then taking the ferry to Split this summer but just started my job and it's a little early to be taking my three weeks vaca. So ... I'll just have to reminisce about the time I spent at the beach house last summer. I guess I already did that didn't I? If you missed that post click here.
A view of the city from one of the surrounding mountains.  
The Famous Latin Bridge  

Another wonderful place close to Croatia is Sarajevo which I also visited last summer. I had the privilege of staying at the bf's parent's condo in the heart of the city. I love this city which is nestled in the valley of the surrounding mountains.  It has so much history which is unfortunately tainted by the Bosnian War. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip which encompassed trying out local foods, visiting some mosques, churches and museums and spending time with the bf's family.

One of my favourite things about the city is the Turkish influence. You can get hookah (shisha) on every corner and sit down and drink turkish coffee.

I also love that people in Sarajevo spend time outside, walking around, gathering around the numerous courtyards and fountains and enjoying drinks on the wide patios that take up whole streets. I guess these are characteristics of most European cities (the bf has been telling me this for years). I didn't know because I had never been to Europe but definitely wish we had more of an "outdoor culture" here in Canada.

lots of patios in this city. 

The food here is also amazing ... 

Super delicious cevapi 
I also drank boza

and ate a lot of hazelnut spreads 
Word on the street is that this little window in an alley is the best bakery in town. We got some donuts and pretzels and it was delicious!

Happy Tuesday!!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Four Pics

yummy brunch at Bojour Brioche
my grandma's snake necklace and cuff make me feel like Cleopatra
loving this mint coloured scooter
nothing smells better than grated lemon zest

Happy long weekend everyone! I spent all of yesterday celebrating the marriage of two of my close friends. It was a beautiful wedding and I am so happy for them :) I slept in really late today, grabbed some brunch at Cafe Brioche and ran some errands. The bf and I finally bought some free weights for our little home gym. So excited to use them. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend! 

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Awenda Camping Adventure!

Last weekend my friends and I headed up to Awenda Provincial Park for the weekend. My friend Seanna was visiting from Vancouver so we took the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors together! I think this was hands down the best camping trip I've even had. Us girls were all roommates back in university and it was so wonderful to spend some quality time together and reminisce. We shared a lot of laughs and it was so nice to get out of the city. We had no rain and I didn't get eaten alive by mosquitoes :)

Our tent which is surprisingly big on the inside. We had some difficulty pitching it and it was a race against the dark but it all worked out!
For camping we had some gourmet meals! We had yummy salads and an eggplant parmesan casserole that I made. YUM! How could I forget about the s'mores? I think the bf must have had like 4 of them lol! They are soo good. I have some graham crackers left and am tempted to make them at home. I know it won't be the same though :(
Of course we also ate hot dogs and other traditional camping food. We had a great day at the beach and my friend's pug tagged along on this trip. 
Me and my girls!

Overall, the trip was a success. I love camping and am hoping to do some camping with the bf this September. We just have to expand our stash of camping gear.

Do you like camping?

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

That hair! OR Is it no hair at all?

Check out this girl spotted in NYC. I saw this pic on The Satorialist earlier today and the first thing I noticed was her beauty and HER HAIR! Or is it really that she has barely any hair at all (which I find quite liberating and fresh)? I realize that I haven't said anything on the blog about my hair but it's been quite the journey. I went from having hair exactly like this as a child in Nigeria to having braids when I came to Canada, straightened hair in high school and university then braids for a short while AND THEN I did what I wanted to do for a long time AND cut it all off!!! Well, not all of it I guess. I now have a short afro which I completely love. My hair now takes like 5 mins to do and I feel like myself again, not trying to be like everyone else with long straight hair. For some reason (well I know exactly why) I thought that was beauty. That I had to fit in. Well, I'm about to turn 28 and am finally growing into my own lol! I'm about 6 feet tall so there really isn't any fitting in for me, is there? I love my new style and hair and know that one day I will go even shorter. Some wonderful women in my life have even suggested that I do this!!! I love the simplicity of this girl's look and think that her short hair really lets her beauty shine through. SO inspiring!

Okay that's all for now about hair ... will definitely be coming back to this topic!