Thursday, 12 April 2012

Dog Or No Dog??

Playing with a Chihuahua 

Some French Bulldogs I like a lot

I have always wanted a dog but due to lack of space and allergies in my family I never had one growing up. Now that I am 27 and have my own place I am seriously considering getting one. By seriously considering I mean watching almost every episode of Dogs 101 to figure out what breeds I like and can adapt to city living, talking to colleagues and friends who have dogs about the pros and cons and even going as far as contacting a Goldendoodle breeder this past fall. I also pop by the Humane Society every so often but am hesitant to adopt a dog since adopting is often recommended only to experienced dog owners. The bf and I are still considering getting a dog but are hesitant due to the cost and big commitment it takes to raise a well trained, healthy dog. The general consensus amongst our friends is that having a dog is like having a child (although it's the best decision they've ever made). We are so not ready for that lol so we've decided to think about it some more. Our top contenders are:

Miniature Goldendoodle

Cavalier King Charles

Bosten Terrier

Images via: 1/2/3

What's your favourite breed?

Do you have a dog and what's your experience been like so far?


Maria @ Orchard Bloom said...

You know I want one! It's going to be an apricot coloured golden doodle. for sure.

Shauna said...

I totally love the golden doodle!
I want one :)


Caitlin said...

One big vote for the goldendoodle!
We have had to pull a few Boston Terriers off of our chocolate lab (who wouldn't hurt a flea) because they seem to love to scrap. And I saw a sad but interesting program on Cavalier King Charles' and how the way they have been bred makes them prone to a horrible genetic condition where their brain is too large for their skull and it's incredibly painful. It's called syringomyelia if you want to read about it. Anyways sorry for the ramble....definitely get a dog!

Niki said...

We have a dog, a Springer Spaniel and he’s awesome…it’s awesome having him in our little family!

You’re right to give it some serious thought though, it is a BIG commitment. He needs walking twice a day and we can’t leave him alone in the house too long as it’s not fair on him. All those late nights out we used to enjoy, turned into late nights in with friends instead. But I wouldn’t have it any other way :) x

Oh Sunnie Day said...

I say get a dog! I just started the adoption process to get a maltese. Make sure you research the brand and know if you are getting one that sheds a lot or is yappy etc..



Isabel said...

the goldendoodle is the cutest. but not the smallest.

Bola said...

Thanks for all the comments! It seems like the doodle is a favourite. We realize that while having a dog can be a HUGE commitment it can also we rewarding and a lot of fun. We will think about it some more and will keep you posted.

Melanie Liliana said...

I'm obsessed with french bulldogs and english bulldogs.. adorable! We didn't get one though since they are so expensive.. but I got a boston terrier/pug mix named Nugget and shes adorable! I have a goldendoodle back home too and they are great for people who have allergies :)

Thanks for following my blog btw.. following you back now girl!