Tuesday, 24 April 2012

D.I.Y. Curtains

I have been sewing sheer curtains with my mom. Okay, let me rephrase that ... my mom has been helping me sew sheer curtains. I am merely her assistant. My mom used to teach sewing and is very skilled in this area so I am trying to learn from her. I think that sewing is a useful skill that comes in handy for many home decor projects, mending clothes etc. I know how to sew some things but still have so much to learn! Unfortunately the sheer fabric I chose for our curtains is really slippery and hard to work with so I won't be doing much of this project :( You're probably all wondering why we are even bothering to make our own sheer curtains since they can often be found at a reasonable price. The problem is we have 11.5 foot ceilings and haven't had any luck finding that length in stores. It would cost a lot of get them specially made so my mom graciously offered to help out. We are working on them little by little and hope to finish sometime soon. I will post more pics when all panels are finished.

If you are considering sewing your own curtains check out this post for a tutorial. It's actually pretty fast and simple but beware if you choose a slippery fabric!


Ryan K said...

I love doing my own curtains because you can get custom length :)

Freya Lily said...

I want to learn how to sew so badly!

Bola said...

I agree with Ryan that being able to make curtains any length is definitely a plus. Freya, if you have a change to learn how to sew do it! I am considering taking a course at a community centre to supplement my learning. Totally worth it.