Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Wedding Planning: First Look

I absolutely love first look photos! While it may be more traditional for the groom to see the bride for the first time at the ceremony it seems like many couples are choosing to do a first look nowadays. The fiancĂ© and I aren't the most traditional couple and while our wedding will have some traditional elements that will not be one of them. We will be seeing each other for the first time around 9am on our wedding day which works best for us for several reasons. We are both looking forward to a private moment where we will see each other for the first time. Obviously the photographer will be there so it's not completely private. However, this is much more private than being in front of a whole room of people. I know that the counter argument is that he won't be as surprised to see me when I'm walking down the aisle. I really don't think it matters whether that "surprised look" occurs in front of all of our guests or not. Also I don't think that seeing me prior to the ceremony will take away the significance of me walking down the aisle to become his wife. Another big factor for us is that we will both feel more comfortable having seen each other before the ceremony. It'll be nice to take in what we are about to do together and we will also be able to go see the venue set up, greet our parents and the wedding party as a couple prior to the ceremony. Doing a first look also works for us because we will be doing all of our bride/groom photos in the hour or so prior to the wedding. This is important time wise since our ceremony and reception are back to back. We will be doing family and wedding party photos during the cocktails so we will need this time for the two of us. 

Doing a first look was a super easy decision for both of us and I'm so excited for this moment!
Did you have a first look? What are your thoughts? 


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