Monday, 23 September 2013

Wedding Planning: Rain or Shine

This past Saturday it rained for the WHOLE day! It didn't let up and we had no sunshine at all. I didn't mind it too much but can you imagine if Saturday was your wedding day? Well ... I'm going to have to imagine that and mentally prepare myself since it's always a possibility. I'm getting married the first week of November and it tends to rain a lot in October and November in Toronto. When we were picking our date I may or may not have checked the average rainfall in Toronto per month and was surprised to see that it really is more or less the same every month. I think every bride needs to be prepared so I'm going to have my rain boots ready and some umbrellas for us and the wedding party. I've got lots of real nice spots to take photos at our venue that work well even if it does rain. Nothing is going to ruin my day and to top is off I met with our florist yesterday and she thinks that less sun in our venue will actually work better with the d├ęcor and flowers. So here's to a somewhat sunny/overcast but DRY wedding day. Wish me luck! Let's see what happens but either way I can't wait. The big day is now less than 6 weeks away!!


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