Sunday, 3 February 2013

Wedding Planning: My Dress Search!

Hey peeps! I hope everyone has had a good weekend and is enjoying the Superbowl (if you care about that!?). The fiance is a HUGE football fan so I'm sitting here trying to be (or rather look) supportive. I'm basically catching up on some emails and wanted to update you all on my dress search. 

I went to about 5 places to try on dresses. One of them was a blowout sale where my mom and I stood in line for one hour. Unfortunately I didn't find anything there but I had to try. I can't image spending $$$ on a dress and not being able to say, well ... I tried! I stood outside in the freezing Toronto cold for one hour but oh well I didn't find anything. 

So, like most girls I have a story about my dress. I bought it at the first place I went and it was the second dress I tried on. I should have purchased it right then but of course I wanted to be sure and went to a bunch of other places to try on more dresses. I love my dress and I like that my mom also pointed it out and insisted I try it on. I know that it is MY dress because I kept thinking about it and nothing else compares to it. I am so excited to wear it on my wedding day. Unfortunately, there's another six months  until it comes in and there will be several fittings before it's just right. 

My approach to wedding dress shopping was to go and try on as many styles as possible. I had spent hours on Style Me Pretty and Pinterest pinning dresses that I liked. Looking back it was fun but kinda pointless in a way because it's hard to really have an idea of what styles look good on you until you go out shopping. I tried on many dresses, some just for fun even if I knew I wouldn't even consider them. It was a fun experience and not as stressful as I imagined. I also kept it simple by going with my mom on one occasion, once with my cousin, once by myself and once with my mom and cousin. It's probably best to not go with a large group of people. Too many opinions!

Styles I tried... 

puffy/I guess a ball gown?

old hollywood

a line? I really like this dress.

lace with key hole back

Don't worry, I haven't spoiled the surprise by showing you anything close to my dress!



Freya Lily said...

These are all AMAZING dressed. You look so great!!!

zay said...

I loooooove the last one! You look beautiful in all of them :)

Kristin said...

Wow! You look gorgeous in all of those. I can't wait to see what you pick.

Bola said...

Thanks everyone! It was really fun and I can't believe that process is over. I always thought that finding my dress would take forever and that it would be super hard. It was over in one week lol!

Zoe Topping said...

These are all beautiful dresses, but my favorite has to be the lace with the key hole back. You're lucky to have found your dress so quickly. I know people who had 'til the very last minute before finally picking one. Really curious as to what dress you picked though. -Zoe @ Celestina Bridal