Monday, 11 February 2013

Weekend Relaxin' in Florida!

I'm guessing that you've likely heard about the huge amount of snow Toronto got this past weekend. I was super lucky because I flew out on Thursday night as planned for a weekend in Fort Lauderdale. The weather there was awesome. I'm really eager for summer to start. I can't wait for evening walks and not having to wear so many layers. The fiance and I have never gone down south to get away from the cold Toronto winter so this trip was really awesome for both of us. Here's are some of the highlights of my weekend. Short and sweet!

bar hopping along the canals 
enjoying some Cuban cuisine
enjoying the sun at South Beach during a day trip to Miami 
cuddling on the couch with our friend's two frenchies  
gators at the Everglades! 
I think that my favourite thing during this trip was the 24 km bike ride we did along the Everglades. We thought it was a hoax at first but quickly discovered that all the gators were real. We got really close to them and I'm still surprised how close I was. Apparently gators find the water cold at this time of year and are only interested in lying in the sun to get warm. I guess preying on humans is not their top priority right now, which worked out well for me. I've done a boat tour of the Everglades before but this was waaay better. You get way closer and you get to see lots of other wildlife during this type of tour. Needless to say, I wish we could go to Florida every winter!!

Happy Tuesday!

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