Monday, 15 October 2012

Skin Issues/Beauty Regimen Transition - Clarisonic Review

Lately, I have been doing through a huge transition in my skin/beauty regimen which has been kinda scary for me. I know, sound silly but let me explain ... I had acne as a teen and after trying many things I decided to try Proactive in my early twenties. Early twenties!?! Man, that made me feel old! Anyways, a friend recommended Proactiv to me and it has worked great. So great that I've been using it for over 5 years and basically feel dependent on it. I tried to get off of it at least once in the past but went back to using it because I started to notice some small breakouts and was worried I would never again have the smooth skin Proactiv had helped me achieve. The reason why I want to minimize my use of the product is because it dries out my skin and now that I'm 28 I know that drying the skin is a definite no no that I should be avoiding! 

So here I am a few years later trying to make this transition again. This time I've been a trooper and have been in the transition phase for almost 1.5 months now.  I am still using Proactive once per day since I figured that would be better and easier on my skin than stopping it altogether. I am breaking out a bit and have also been using Clarisonic after a few friends recommended it. It really does help clean the skin and I feel more confident that my makeup is being removed properly. So far I'm happy with the results but we'll see what happens in the future. 

Have any of you used Clarisonic and/or gone through a similar transition in your beauty regimen? How did it go? It seems so simple but it's so hard!

Let's hope I can make it through this time ... sigh.



Kristin said...

I've been thinking of trying one of those, but can't decide if I think it's worth spending money on. I'll have to ask you in a year what you think!

Shybiker said...

As someone with severe acne during my twenties, I sympathize with you greatly. Back then, there wasn't treatment that worked. The good news is the situation improved and virtually disappeared in my late-twenties. Our bodies age and whatever caused my problem went away. Best of luck to you.

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

I tried Proactive too but stopped using it after a few uses. It's very drying and the chemical content is scary! I've gone back to my original Chanel skincare routine. And I've also cut back on make up as part of my living glamorously challenge :)