Sunday, 21 October 2012

Engagement Shoot Inspiration


My pile of stuff for our shoot. Super excited!
As I said before, once the fiance and I got engaged we decided that we wanted to do an eshoot. We both love fall and have always wanted to have pictures together with the colourful fall leaves. We also wanted to do an eshoot as a newly engaged couple simply because everything is fresh and more exciting. We don't want to wait until we're both busy planning for the big day.

We've chosen Beyond Infinity Photography. I saw some of their pics through a friend on facebook over a year ago and loved them. They are just so fun and colourful and I like that most of their shoots have a vintage inspired theme. I am not sure if I am going for the same idea for the wedding so we're not committed to using them and it's really to early to tell.

We both love going for walks, having picnics and riding bikes so this has been our inspiration for the shoot. We've been busy collecting/renting our props and getting our outfits ready.

Stay tuned for the pics from our eshoot!!!!

Please cross your fingers that it doesn't rain :)



Kristin said...

I can't wait to see the results! I feel like anything with a picnic basket is always a good idea.

Bola said...

Thanks Kristin! Unfortunately we had to cancel due to rain. We're hoping to do the shoot soon so we can get the fall colours :) Cross your fingers for me!

Nao said...

aww you got rained out?! i hope you get to do them soon! looking forward to seeing them :)

Bola said...

Thanks Nao! The weather has been so hard to plan around with all this rain. We'll see what happens but I'll keep you updated!