Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Pick Me Up!

Today it rained all day and I hated it. It was dull and wet outside and my mood was down for most of the day. I got to work late because I was tired from the minute I got up. I also left work early because I just didn't feel well. I hate when the weather affects my mood like this and zaps me of energy. Funny thing is, as soon as I got home and closed the blinds and started cooking I instantly felt better. I also made sure to pick up some fresh flowers at the grocery store to lift my mood. 

What are your go-to pick me ups for rainy days?


Freya Lily said...

It was a miserable day yesterday, wasn't it??? I liked it at first, as it reminds me of home, but standing on the wet, awkwardly warm, stuffy bus to get to work, I decided I didn't like it.

I snuggle down with a blanket and a movie to cheer up mostly. I've been really tired this week as well. My grandmother visited last weekend and while that was lovely, it's exhausting entertaining people! I need another weekend.

Bola said...

Hey Freya,

Ya, a movie and a blanket is always a good idea. I didn't include that I watched an episode of Sex and The City while eating my din. So thankful the weather is better today :)

Kristin said...

Reading and exercise tend to make me feel better, although I find it hard to be motivated to do exercise when I'm in a bad mood! I recently re-read the Happiness Project and I really like that book. It has lots of helpful strategies to try to be happier. it's also written by a former editor of the Yale Law Review so it's very well written and an enjoyable read.