Monday, 20 May 2013

We finally have a wall gallery!!!

I love wall galleries. I love the interest they add to a space and I always like to take my time to look at all of the pictures. I personally like wall galleries with a mix of frames and art (pictures, paintings, postcards, anything that has meaning and is worth displaying). I have been meaning to put up a wall gallery in our place for well over a year now. Here are a couple of pics that I used for inspiration:

Maybe I'm just slow but it took a while for me to collect frames. I got many of  the frames I used from my mom when she moved and cleared a lot of her stuff. I also took my time to collect art. I ordered a few prints off Etsy and bought some postcards when travelling. I have some faves from our Vancouver days (the fiance lived there for about two years), engagement pics and also from travels to Europe in 2011 so I framed those. Once I had enough frames to start I laid them out on the floor and arranged and rearranged them. 

Next was putting them up on the wall. 

Here's our wall gallery which I love! It's not yet complete but it'll do for now. It already seems to be a conversation piece for visitors which is why I love them so much. 

Happy long weekend :) 


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Shybiker said...

Beautiful! There is no better wall-decoration than carefully-chosen, well-framed pictures. Great job.