Friday, 31 May 2013

Wedding Planning: Bridesmaid dress shopping

Hana all excited to shop 
sea of dresses 
Shan in our dress!!! 

In this lovely purple colour! I love purple and one shoulder dresses!!! PERFECT!

Yah! We're done!
Several weeks ago my bridesmaids and I went shopping for their dresses. Our first AND ONLY stop was Windsor Bridal. They have a large selection of dresses and my ladies tried on a few styles. I had never imagined that my bridesmaids would wear the exact same dress but they are and I love it! I like the look of the same dress in different styles but I love having just two bridesmaids by my side in the exact same dress. Both ladies look absolutely stunning in the dress and if you know me you know my fave is one shoulder so perfecto!

The shopping experience was fairly stress-free and a lot of fun! We were out of there by around 1pm and had the rest of the afternoon to lunch and hang out. I feel so blessed and excited to share my wedding experience with these two lovely ladies. I didn't even think I'd have bridesmaids ... for a long time the fiance and I decided we would do without a bridal party to keep things simple. I'm so glad that we have decided to involve a few of our friends to share this wonderful experience :)


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Kristin said...

What a beautiful dress! I love it. Shannon looks stunning and I'm sure Hana does too!