Wednesday, 7 March 2012

TV Obsessions: From The Wire to Downton Abbey

I love the HBO series, The Wire. I adore the characters, love the action and drama of the series and felt sad when it came to an end. Listening to Barak's interview on the B.S. Report last week (yes, I know it's a sport's podcast), I was beyond impressed when Barak named Omar Little the best Wire character of all time. I absolutely love Omar and could not agree more.
Now I'm on to Downton Abbey, a period drama that's strikingly different from The Wire. I am loving the characters, beautiful setting and dresses.
What's your take on Downton Abbey and are you also a fan of The Wire?


Ali said...

I have actually never heard of either of these, which is strange considering I watch a few HBO shows myself (Shameless, Trueblood) haha. I might have to check out that second one though, just for the pretty dresses!

Kristin said...

I have no plans to watch The Wire, but based on those dresses I think i should be watching Downtown Abbey! I want that silver one really badly.

Oh Sunnie Day said...

I haven't heard of Downtown Abbey but those dresses are gorgeous! I'll definitely have to watch!



Bola (Lilac Dreams) said...

Kristin: I also love the silver dress! Do watch and let me know what you think.

Bola (Lilac Dreams) said...

To everyone: I am going to keep watching Downton Abbey. The third season is set to air in the fall! Let me know what you all think.

Shybiker said...

Recently, I watched every episode from all five seasons of "The Wire." (I borrowed a boxed set of DVDs from a friend.) Love the show.

Omar is a great character, as is McNulty (Dominic West). The writing is so authentic. I spent some time in Baltimore and they captured the feel of the place.

Haven't tried DA yet. It's gathering a big audience.

Bola said...

Shybiker so glad you watched The Wire. I agree that the writing is really authentic. Did you watch Treme? I had high hopes since it's the same creator as The Wire but was very disappointed and couldn't finish the second season. Nothing happens in that show! Such a let down.

Yes, go watch DA!

Isabel said...

Im a big fan of Downton! Im glad you are liking it :)