Thursday, 8 March 2012

D.I.Y.: Pop of Cobalt!

My boyfriend and I moved into our loft about one year ago. We looked for a place for about 5 months and immediately fell in love with the space. We have come a long way in terms of making our place feel like home but we still have many D.I.Y. projects up our sleeves! I will fill you in on our past projects and will update you as more projects unfold. As some of you may know, I adore home decor and would probably be an interior designer if i were not a social worker. Here's the story of our "foyer"....

I love cobalt. I think it's a fun colour full of energy and I love to wear it. So why not have it in our home? After a long, tedious process of painting our "foyer" a lighter shade of blue and realizing almost immediately that the colour was completely different from the paint chip and did not work with the ambience of our space we finally decided to go bold with cobalt!
We lived with Benjamin Moore "Seaside Blue" for about a week, accepted that we (well I) would have to repaint so I finally got priming. We also made the decision to do this DIY the "right" way and invested in paint testers. 
From top to bottom: Benjamin Moore "Big Country Blue," "Brilliant Blue," and "Evening Blue"
We kept the testers up for about a week to get a feel for the different shades in different lighting. Our kitchen has a skylight so getting an idea of the colour in different levels of light was very important.  After debating between the two bottom colours we decided to go with Brilliant Blue since we plan to paint the door frames white and do not want the blue to look too stark. Here are some pics of the pop of cobalt in our long space:

We love it!

What do you think?

DIY Lesson Learned: Do invest in paint testers and don't be afraid to repaint and go bold with colour.


Kristin said...

The cobalt looks really great. I love when people use actual colours in their homes and not just different shades of beige. Seaside blue was clearly not for you guys!

Isabel said...

you know I love it :)

Bola said...

LOL! Yes, seaside blue was definitely not for us. I really don't know what we were thinking!!