Monday, 5 March 2012

Sunday Antique Market Finds

On Sundays, I love to visit the St. Lawrence Antique Market. I often pop by and browse until something rare and unique catches my eye. I love all things vintage and antique. Unfortunately, my boyfriend thinks the words vintage and antique apply strictly to things that are dirty and undesired by others. The first thing he always asks me is how old the items are and if they have been sanitized lol! Anyways, this week I got extra lucky and found two things I love. I found this makeup and perfume tray from the 50s. I love the details in the metal, the mirrored top and the three lipstick holders. 
I also purchased these deep blue bottles. I love their rich colour and the way it changes when light reflects through them. They are great sitting on a window sill and will make great vases.
 What's your take on things that are antique and vintage? Are you an antique market girl and collector like me or do you prefer things that are new and modern?


Kristin said...

That perfume tray is so gorgeous! What a great find.

Isabel said...

that tray is amazing! i want one!

Bonnie said...

I wish we had a good antiques place around here. I would take full advantage of it.
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Erin @ Currently Coveting said...

So pretty! I love that try with the lipstick holders! What an awesome find!


Amy said...

I love both! I have an antique dresser that apparently came across the U.S. on a covered wagon. Who knows how I ended up with it. I love it though. I think my husband would agree with your boyfriend...He thinks vintage or antique means that it is dirty, broken, etc. I will never part with my dresser (he has never asked me to either...good thing because I won't!!!!)


Bola (Lilac Dreams) said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! Nice to see that you all share a love for things antique and vintage. I am also in love with the perfume stand and will update you about any other interesting Sunday market finds!

I have also checked out all your blogs :)

Ali said...

I do like going to old antique stores and getting things like old bottles and trinkets.. fun tiny stuff, you know? :D I like that mirror you found!

Niki said...

I just love to rumage around in flea markets and antique shops...I live in constant hope that I'll find somehting beautiful and unique. The makeup tray is so pretty, would have snapped that up too :)