Friday, 23 March 2012

Baggu Leather Pouch

What do you think about these Baggu leather pouches? I don't often gravitate towards handheld bags but love the simplicity and shape of these pouches. They would be great for carrying your cash, cell, lipstick and keys for casual outings and can double as an organizer in a larger bag. I love the apricot colour for summer months and can imagine using the black as a clutch for a casual night out. They also come in other fun colours such as yellow, white, blue and silver. 


Maria @ Orchard Bloom said...

as you already know, I'm obsessed with Baggu.

Marella said...

amazing bag!
Gorgeous blog! Following! Follow back? <3

Bola said...

Hey Marella,

Thanks for following and I'm glad you like my blog!