Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Weekend Exploration: Merchants of Green Coffee

This past Sunday the fiance and I were out exploring in Riverdale. We both love this neighbourhood for its diverse cafe's, boutiques and parks You can often find us in Riverdale on the weekend riding our bikes, sitting in a cafe or having brunch. This past Sunday was a rainy day but we still felt like getting out for a walk and exploring. We came across Merchants of Green Coffee and took a peak. I love this space for it's high ceilings and its laid back atmosphere. There is plenty of seating for reading and chatting. The cafe offers a great selection of certified green arabica coffees. I helped myself to some of the Papua New Guinuea beans, got caught in the rain on the way home (we forgot our umbrellas) and made a cup of jo asap. The coffee was really tasty and I'm looking forward to trying some of their other beans and of course another weekend of exploring my city. 

Happy Wednesday!


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