Thursday, 20 June 2013

Signature Scent

I love perfume and wear it almost everyday and have been meaning to do this post for months! I have gone through many scents since my teen years. For a long time I wore Ralf by Ralf Lauren, then it was Adrienne Vittadini Capri which I absolutely loved. My brother gave it to me for Christmas one year and when I finished the bottle I couldn't find it anywhere in Toronto. I decided to buy it from Amazon earlier this year and was so disappointed. It smelled like crap on me and this is a perfume I used to get compliments on all the time!? Anyways, right now I have Flora by Gucci, Clinique Happy Heart and Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb sitting on my bathroom shelf. I really don't wear Flora that much. It's really strong and is for more formal outings. I wear Happy Heart almost everyday and would call this my signature scent. I love its light, floral, fresh scent which isn't overpowering. It has a hint of mandarin in it so if you like citrus scents you many like it. It's way lighter that the Clinique Happy in terms of citrus. I am also really liking Flowerbomb these days. I got a free sample at Sephora and am so happy it landed in my hands. I think I'll actually purchase a full size bottle one day. I find picking a perfume to be very difficult since there are so many on the market. I love Sephora since you can get good size samples in tiny spray bottles there. It's a great way to explore all the different scents.

What are you wearing/what's your signature scent?

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Kristin said...

I don't wear perfume anymore but I think it's hilarious that my "signature scent" in grades 9 and 10 was a cotton candy perfume from Walmart! It was so cloyingly sweet and I feel sorry for anyone who had to smell me. 15 year old me was hilarious!