Monday, 15 April 2013


Another weekend has come and gone! Here are some pics of what I was up to ... 

Making use of my Friday off work to run some errands.
Rainy but it didn't bother me...

We got our new Kitchen Aid blender and both love it!
We make smoothies almost daily and it's such an upgrade from
the Magic Bullet.

I found my perfect cake stand!

Eating a patacon for the first time...thanks to my brother
who took out the fam for some Venezuelan food :) 

Popped by Avenue and Davenport for some spring flowers. 

I hope you all had an easy Monday back at work. I had a busy but good day and enjoyed my morning walk to work. I'm hoping for no rain tomorrow.



Freya Lily said...

Where did you guys go for Venezualian food?? I am interested in finding some!

Bola said...

It's called Rica Arepa!