Sunday, 7 April 2013

Wedding Planning: Let's just get the cake!

Yesterday the fiance and I met up with our cake vendor. We've finalized everything as far as the look and type of cake we want. The deposit has been paid and the contract signed and we were both super happy to cross this one off the list! 

Although having a wedding cake was not one of the hardest decisions we've had to make [that was switching from a dinner wedding to a three course luncheon (technically still a dinner) and moving everything to the morning/middle of the day!], it wasn't something that we just assumed we'd have. At first I thought it would be ridiculous to have a cake since I don't really care about the cake cutting tradition and it seemed silly to have to pay the cake cutting fee. We are also already serving dessert as a third course and we didn't want to do away with that since we both agree that we often don't really enjoy wedding cakes (no offence peeps!). Most of the weddings I've been too the couple has served a dessert course and cut a cake and I often prefer the dessert served to the cake ..

However, a little time passed and after seeing photos of my friends and my grandparents cutting their cakes and how pretty wedding cakes can be we decided to just do it! After all, you only get married once so what the heck I'll get the cake and eat it too. We are having a one tier cake that will be pretty simple. There won't be enough for everyone but it really don't think this will be an issue. 

Here are some photos I have been looking to for inspiration ...


What's your take on wedding cakes?


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