Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Summer Nights

So it's almost 11pm on a Wednesday night and here I am doing a last minute post. Problem is ... I am not at all tired. I just spent the last 1.5 hours playing tennis with the bf and am now feeling invigorated AND WIDE AWAKE! I have not played tennis since high school and really enjoyed it. I would like to spend many more summer nights playing tennis. 

What's your favourite activity to do on a summer night (aside from the obvious of having some food or drinks on a patio with friends)? 

Sigh ... I know I said that I would post about all the yummy stuff I ate while in Vancouver but it's my blog and I felt like writing about this instead haha! Hope you are all getting through the week okay. Even though it's a short work week, I am ready for Friday.

 I promise to follow through on that next Vancouver post ... :) 


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Freya Lily said...

Man, this week has been so WEIRD hasn't it?! Monday and Tuesday then a day off then two more then weekend?? Man and one week for me till Toronto! So excited :)
My favorite evening activity would most def be bike riding. I love the low evening light, the fireflies (we never had them on the west coast so I was blown away when I first saw one!) and the cool breezes. It's so nice :)