Friday, 4 May 2012

This Week ...

The collection of old/new frames, art, pics, material and paper I plan to use to make a gallery wall in our loft. I need more frames and will have to decide which pics I want to develop. If only this process didn't take me soo long!
New reading material
I hope this is correct :) 
I have eaten a lot of fuzzy peaches. Can you say candy overdose?
The lovely view of Toronto I had on an evening walk 
I can't believe I have never been to Sugar Beach!?!? Note to self: Toronto does not have many beaches so this may be a good option for reading/relaxing this summer
I have started collecting the things I will need to grow herbs in our kitchen
The bf took this pic of Vancouver from a float plane on Tuesday. Lucky for me he will be going back for work a few times this summer which means a trip or two to Victoria and Vancouver for camping on the beach and doing some other awesome fun things we never did when he lived there. Excited!

Happy Friday!


Oh Sunnie Day said...

That beach looks so relaxing! I could picture myself laying under one of those pink umbrellas!!



Anonymous said...

I've never been to Cherry Beach! (NTS: Go to Cherry Beach) There's a similar spot with yellow umbrellas at H2O Park (near the fire hall on qquay in front of the CN tower / skydome) which is probably a lot smaller but is also wonderful when the sun is setting to just sit and relax or read. LOVE the gallery wall idea! - Bhiravi

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

I like the frames you've collected, I used to have so many things framed but since we move around so much I've stopped. Now I find myself leaning towards getting vinyl wall prints made and they can be peeled and reattached time and time again! And I'd be interested in what you think of The Help!

Bola said...

Hey everyone!

Thanks for the lovely comments. I am looking forward to summer and the beach. I am going to make an effort this year to try and make more use of what beaches toronto has to offer.

Vanisha, great idea with the vinyl prints. I collected random frames because I didn't want to buy them. I also like when wall galleries are not so thought out and uniform. Anything goes.

I started The Help but due to my job haven't had much opportunity to read lately. Will be catching up!