Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Sunday Exploration at Casa Loma

This past Sunday my mom and I went to Casa Loma. We both enjoy exploring our city and a little bit of history so what better way to spend Mothers Day? We hopped on the public transit and headed to the castle in the afternoon. I have driven by Casa Loma on numerous occasions and recall making a mental note to eventually pop in for a tour. Well, I finally got around to this and I don't regret it. I toured the castle audio tour and all. Below a glimpse of what I saw:   
You're probably all wondering what a castle is doing in Toronto. Well, I had wondered the same thing for many years. Casa Loma was built by Sir Henry Mill Pellatt, a prominent Toronto industrialist, military man and financier. He had a life-long dream of creating a medieval castle on a hill overlooking Toronto. Here he is pictured below ... 
I really enjoyed the tour because I find it fascinating to see how some people used to live. What I quickly learned from the tour is that although Sir Pellatt and and his wife lived a luxurious life they were both extremely generous people who gave back to the city of Toronto and its people. 
Medieval chandeliers in the Great Hall
I love all the details in this ceiling. It's so beautiful! 
Check out this lovely headboard. So dreamy!
My favourite room was by far Lady Pellat's room. It was all done in Wedgewood, which I love. Even the vase on the dresser is Wedgewood! I often come across various Wedgewood pieces at the St. Lawrence Antique Market. Maybe next time I will finally cave in and make a purchase. Click here to read about my most recent find at the antique market. 
Umm gorgeous!
Another thing I quite enjoy about touring historical homes is that I get to see antique furniture. I find a lot of the styles have come back in one way or another. Perfect example is the tufted chair pictured below. It reminds me of the tufted ottomans I keep seeing in my decor mags. 
Not so sure I love the skirt on this bathroom vanity.
In Sir Pellatt's medicine cabinet ... 
Remember I said that the Pellatts gave back to their community? Well, Lady Pellatt was the first Chief Commissioner of the Girl Guides of Canada. Since I used to be a Girl Guide selling the cookies door to door and all, I think this is awesome. Yah for Girl Guides!
Unfortunately, the Pellatts lived in Casa Loma for less than ten years. Sir Pellatt lost his fortune and was forced to abandon the castle. The castle was once used as a hotel and had many other uses before it was opened to the public for tours. I'm so happy I finally checked this place out. I'm all for exploring your own city and knowing it' history. Spadina Museum is next on my list :) 


Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

What a lovely way to spend the day. I loved the picture of the ceiling, it's absolutely stunning!

Freya Lily said...

So excited to explore! It looks so cool!

Kristin said...

I find Casa Loma really hilarious to consider from the point of view of the family living at Spadina Museum. There they are living in their lovely home and then this guy moves in next door and builds this totally anachronistic castle and bankrupts himself in the process! I think it would be so interesting to hear what their thoughts on the whole project were.

I completely agree about the Wedgwood jasperware! Have you seen the U of T Faculty Club's dining room? It's done to look like Wedgwood and was one of the reasons I was so excited to have our wedding there.

Mariana said...

This place is so cool! Looks like it was great to visit it!
Please check out my blog too at Miss Tangerine :)

El said...

Beautiful pictures and great blog! I just found it, now following you on GFC and Bloglovin' :)


Bola said...

I am all glad that you also like to explore and enjoyed this post.

Kristin, that's so funny! I never thought of it from that perspective. It's so true. They must that thought Sir Pellett was crazy!!

Oh Sunnie Day said...

I'd love to go and bring home some of that furniture with me!