Friday, 8 November 2013

We're Married!!

Hey, I'm back and I'm married!  

I know this isn't the best photo but it really shows how excited we were to get married. I think I was beaming the whole time during the ceremony. I got emotional when writing my vows the day before but happiness and excitement were the main feelings that took over on our wedding day. I was also super calm which I did not expect. When I became aware of any hiccups I just didn't let anything bother me.

I can't believe that almost a week has passed since our big day. We've been reflecting on it a lot with friends, family, colleagues and have been trying to relive it as much as possible. If only we could turn back time!

We both agree that it was our best day ever. We were so happy to have 39 of our closest family and friends share such a joyous occasion with us. I really look it all in, looking around the room at all our peeps eating the delicious food and enjoying themselves. My bridemaids and both our mothers looked stunning. The jazz quartet was fantastic and really added to the occasion. It was the cozy fall wedding I had always imagined. It rained on our wedding day but this didn't stop us from doing outdoor photos. We had a lot of fun using umbrellas as props. It was actually better that it rained because it added to the cozy ambiance of the candles and the fireplace. I wouldn't change a thing. 

Favourite moments
seeing my groom for the first time
hearing him say his vows
first dance twirls and dip
listening to speeches
taking my first peak at the room setup and decor and being beyond excited
rolls royce send off on the venue's front steps and reflecting on the day as we drove away
getting ready with my girls

Words we've used to describe our wedding

Thanks to all those that made our wedding really special and to my cousins from overseas who sent me well wishes on the days leading to the wedding. We are both so glad we didn't do city hall. All the hard work was totally worth it. It was magical!


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Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

Congratulations! (and happy new year!) I remember when you first posted about being engaged and then all the planning - here's to many wonderful years of happiness and love xoxox