Friday, 21 December 2012

Wedding Planning: One Year Countdown!


December 21, 2013!

Yup, you read that right! We are getting married in exactly a year today, four days before Christmas on Winter Solstice! We went back and forth on the date and had reservations that it is too close to Christmas. We figured that since we are having an intimate wedding and will be sending our save the dates way in advance this should work out just fine. We trust that those important to us will be able to make it. I didn't really think much about our wedding date being Winter Solstice aside from the fact that it's the shortest day of the year and we'll have to do our photos early. People have been telling me that it's a magical day and quite fitting for a wedding since Winter Solstice is associated with a new beginning. So ... I'm gonna go with that! The fiance and I will be beginning a new life(?) as man and wife in exactly one year! SO EXCITED!!! 

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Kristin said...

It seems like there's definitely some good symbolism involved with getting married on the winter solstice!

We actually celebrated our wedding date a year before we got married as our -1st anniversary. I thought it was funny.