Thursday, 22 November 2012

Hoi Bo


I was browsing in the Distillery District the other day when I came across the new Hoi Bo storefront. I have always loved the cotton wax coated Hoi Bo bags simply because they are handmade in Toronto, from start to finish. The bags look and feel really durable and eventually develop a shiny finish with use (see last picture). I have a couple of clients that own these bags and so far the reviews are good.

If you visit the Distillery District you will likely see the lines owner and designer Sarra Tang working away in her factory, which is sometimes open to the public. It's pretty interesting to see her work ... I am always amazed by how much work and attention to detail goes into making something we often take for granted. If you want to take a peak, go visit the distillery or you can see Sarra working in this video.

The store is really nice and the staff are really friendly. I noticed that they have expanded the line to also include kangaroo leather pouches and lambskin bags (made to order). My favourite are the black cotton bags with the natural leather handles and straps that will patina over time.

Hope you're all having a wonderful Thursday. It's a pretty warm November day here in Toronto and the sun is really shining. I went spinning during my lunch break and am feeling really good :)



Melanie Liliana said...

Wow these bags are gorgeous! I'll have to go visit when I'm home for Christmas!

Freya Lily said...

I seriously love those bags. The fisrt week I was at my internship, I had to fact check an article on those bags and they are so so lovely!

PS The Distillery District Christmas market opens this weekend, have you ever been?? It looks so beautiful I'm going on saturday!

Nao said...

i love these bags too!
hello "santa"?

Bola said...

lol! I wish! Unlikely though :(