Thursday, 13 September 2012

Peplum and Swings

Yesterday I had lunch in Trinity Bellwoods Park with a friend. It was a lovely day so we took some pics. Here I am wearing my new fave shirt. I love the peplum trend and have been eager to try it. I don't have the flattest stomach and find that peplum can be quite flattering on many women. I thought it looked weird on me at first but now I love it. 

Have you guys seen the new swings literally hanging from the trees in the park? I love them! I spent some time there after work on Tuesday as well, just swinging ... and swinging ... looking up at the sky. I could have stayed there forever ... sigh.

I'm wearing

stripped peplum shirt - Queen St. West boutique
Big Blue jeans sold at Plenty in Vancouver (they sell 34 inseam so I
stocked up on my last visit)



Shannon said...

LOVE the fashionable top as always. It looks stunning on you :)

Shybiker said...

So many women are scared of peplum but it flatters them, as it does you. It creates the appearance of greater curves. You look fashionable and cute here!

Swings are lovely. Like living in a romantic movie.

Bola said...

Hey guys!

Shan, I love that you finally commented on my blog! Yah! Thanks for the compliment.

Shybiker, I think that it's a great look that many people can pull off and it's fun! If only I more time to play with the swings :)

Kristin said...

If you haven't made it to Nadege yet on any of your Trinity Bellwoods visits, I highly recommend it. I'm in love with eating their macarons with a cup of jasmine tea!

That top does look very pretty on you!

Bola said...

Hey Kristin,

Yes, I've been there before and love it! Their macarons are amazing. I love the salted caramel one and will now have to try their jasmine tea :)