Friday, 29 June 2012

A Little More "Jungalow"

I haven't written about home decor for a while but that does not mean that I have forgotten about it or stopped dreaming up ways to improve my space. I previously blogged about how much I love "Jungalow" style. If you missed that post click here

Jungalow style is all about creative reuse, personalization, vivid colors, bold patterns and lots and lots of plants--Jungalow style is tropical and bohemian, very vintage and very cozy. Jungalow is about bringing the eclectism of nature and the wild indoors. 

I have been meaning to make my space a little more Jungalow so I purchased a fern this afternoon. Since I have a north facing apartment that doesn't get much natural light ferns are a good option. I originally planned to hang a few ferns from the ceiling in our living room but decided it will not work since they would be competing with our hanging lights. I may still do this in our bedroom. Anyways ... I placed my fern on our shelf/wall divider because I want it to expand and grow into long "strings" on both sides of the shelf. I am so excited to see this transformation!

Btw, I will post about my Vancouver trip as promised. It was awesome and I have so many lovely pics I want to share with you. I am just waiting for the bf to bring back my camera ;)



Shybiker said...

Very cool. Plants add such life to a place, both literally and decoratively. Good impulse.

Freya Lily said...

It's like a garden inside :) Great idea!