Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Modalu Pippa Grab

Modalu Pippa Final

I want to preface this post by declaring that I love all things British. I have a fascination with the royal family (specifically Kate), enjoy my afternoon cup of tea and have an appreciation for British designers and architecture. I also enjoy the diversity, energy and the central location of London. My grandmother, father, aunts and uncles all studied in London and I may or may not have convinced myself that I would currently be living in London if I had grown up in Nigeria. Anyways, the point of this post is to inform you about another wonderful thing that has come straight out of the UK... the Modalu Pippa Grab.

This past summer the Modalu Pippa Grab became the next "it" bag immediately after Pippa Middleton was photographed carrying it the day after the royal wedding. The shark colour has since become a favorite and Pippa has been known to carry the bag in various colours. I love the style and look of the bag. An added bonus is that it has three main zip compartments which is great for organization and using it for work. I have inspected the bag in person and it looks well-crafted. It is also not very heavy which is a big plus.

Until recently the bag was not available in Canada but luckily Town Shoes has started carrying the line. The Pippa Grab is now available while qualtities last. The bag is also available online at Modalu London.

What do you think of the Pippa Grab and which colour is your favourite?


Maria said...

I like nude and sunrise orange!

Isabel said...

Im totally impressed by your polyvore skills! and u know i want the shark

Nicki said...

Pipa is just wonderful. I want that mint color for spring.

Bola (Lilac Dreams) said...

My personal fave is the shark. I love the contrast of the grey and gold hardware.